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Deliverance Ministry

At GILEAD, we believe in having a strong and effective Deliverance ministry. We believe in the expelling and freeing believers from the influence of demonic spirits as Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has commanded all Born-again believers to be deliverance workers in the ministry of Christ Jesus. We believe that all Born-again believers should be equipped and trained to spiritually discern demonic spirits and be able to cast out indwelling demonic spirits (Mark 16:17). Deliverance is needed in the life of a Born-again believer and is essential to spiritual growth and resisting the devil and demonic influence (James 4:7).


Apostle Susan Lowery is a Demonologist, and is skilled in the Art of Deliverance. Under the Direction of the Holy Spirit, she is anointed to teach Born-again believers how to recognize and spiritually discern demonic spirits, and cast out demonic spirits Even more important Apostle Lowery trains believers how to keep their Deliverance. Once a year Apostle Lowery teaches on Deliverance in a 3-part Deliverance Seminar. Apostle Lowery is highly sought out to perform Deliverance (mass settings and one-on-one appointments) because the Holy Spirit has allowed her to be advanced in the Art of Deliverance. Apostle Lowery has traveled all over the contiguous USA to teach many religious dignitaries on Deliverance and its importance.

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