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Prophetic Drama &

Prophetic Arts ministry

At GILEAD, we flow in the Prophetical Drama and Arts. God loves it when the children of God get creative to worship Him (1 Chronicles 16:23). In the Bible, the Levites worshiped God in all kinds of ways that were prophetic (1 Chronicles 25:1). The children of God saw many works of art and created them from the inspiration of God (Jeremiah 1:11-14).


At GILEAD, we believe that God shows the children of God visions in worship. From these prophetical visions they begin to draw pictures, write prophetic poems, and create prophetic plays to the glory of God, that testify to the work of God, the ministry of Christ Jesus, and reveal God's plans in the earth (Amos 3:7, Revelation 19:10). GILEAD teaches members on the Prophetical Arts and Drama. Members of GILEAD who have the gifts (or who stand in the Office of a Prophet) of operating in the Prophetic for Drama and Arts are trained how to develop the skills needed and how to be sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, who provides the inspiration to create such works to the glory of God. 

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