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Gilead PWC

Jermaine Lowery, MPH, MCFFM, CNEL, CDEI

And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance. - Genesis 45:7


Pastor Jermaine Lowery is a Born-again believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Savior of the world and only begotten Son of God the Father; he has been washed by the blood of Jesus Christ and born again of the Spirit of God. Lowery made the decision to give up his own dreams and goals to pursue the things of God years ago and has been rejoicing in the spiritual growth God has provided him.

Lowery is a former elite track athlete. Lowery is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and its Graduate School of Public Health. While at PITT, Lowery was a team captain for the Men’s Track and Field team and broke many records in the sport. Lowery made appearances at the 2012 USA Olympic Trials and several USA and NCAA National Championships. Lowery has also been named to many All-Eastern teams and NCAA All-American teams including Honorable Mention teams. Lowery has since attended numerous graduate programs.

Lowery was sent, by God, to Bible Center Church (Homewood, Pennsylvania) to be a student member while at college for six years under the direction of Pastors Dr. John & Cynthia Wallace III. While at the University of Pittsburgh, Lowery was under the guidance of Ministers Robert and April Brooks while participating in Athletes in Action. Lowery also helped to lead two campus ministries: Ambassadors for Christ (for students) and Athletes in Action-University of Pittsburgh Chapter (for student athletes).

Lowery has been a member of Gilead Praise & Worship Center Incorporated since its founding in (South) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2006. Lowery has been growing in the Apostolic, Prophetic, Deliverance, and Intercessory ministries, spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, and things of God under the direction of Apostle & Senior Pastor Dr. Susan Lowery. Lowery serves at Gilead PWC Church as the Senior Pastor. Lowery, also a Prophet, continues to provide spiritual guidance to student athletes in high school and college, and professional athletes of various sports. Lowery has also written a couple books: "The Names of God: Experiencing God Through True Worship" and has authored another published book in the fields of healthcare and public health.

Lowery has been preaching and studying the word of God since the age of 8. However, now is the time that God is bestowing more upon him to be used effectively in God’s ministry. Lowery is moving and flowing in the Apostolic, Prophetic, and Deliverance anointings for such a time as this!

Senior Pastor Installation Photos

Photos soon to come.

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